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The Big Oak

The City of Geneva is home to of one of the largest and oldest Live Oaks in Alabama which is located in Fowler Park near the junction of the two rivers.  

This oak is known by many names The Big Oak, the Ole Oak and the Constitutional oak to name a few.  

The Big Oak is as much a part of Geneva's history as its rivers.  It can be found listed on the Alabama Forestry's list of Alabama's Famous & Historic Trees.  This publication states this tree was a recognized meeting place when the town of Geneva was first settled. People gathered under this tree for meetings and information of the development of the area. 

The Big Oak was measured by the Eastern Native Tree Society in 2009.  Measurements recorded were, CBH-22'9", Height-69' and Spread-163.5' x 154.5' making it #94 on the listing. However its great spread made it the 2nd largest avg. spread, and the 4th greatest spread, with the longest limb at 85-90'.
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