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Lisa Johnson​​


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM- 5:00PM


The City Clerk/Treasurer serves as the Chief Administrative officer of the City.  Some of the main duties and responsibilities of the Clerk/Treasurer and her office are as follows:


- Assist Mayor with Overseeing the Day to Day Operations of the City
- Oversees Compliance by Departments with City Policies Adopted by the City Council
- Serves as Finance Director
- Serves as Supervisor of Elections

- Serves as the City's ACE Coordinator
- Records Custodian

- Prepares Agendas and Minutes for Council and Various Boards
- Oversees Payroll and Personnel Functions
- Bids
- Issuance of Business and Alcohol License
- Zoning
- Grant Writing and Administration

- Code Enforcement
- Public Complaints and Relations

- Yard Sale Permits

- Bicycle Permits

- Cemetery

- Website

Lisa Johnson was appointed to the position of City Clerk/Treasurer in October 1996 and is currently serving her seventh term. She also serves on the Geneva City Planning Commission.  She is a Certified Municipal Clerk and Certified Alabama Zoning and Planning Official.  

Prior work history includes 10 1/2 year service with the City of Marianna, Florida where she served as Deputy City Clerk and Human Resources Director.  She also work for the CPA firm of Wayne T. DeWitt.

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