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Phase II – Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

During Phase II the City will adopt a strategic plan.  This plan will include a vision statement and include goals, statements and strategies to be achieved over a three to five year period as well as action items for completing and implementing the strategies identified.  An ACE provided facilitator will assist the City's development of the strategic plan through community meetings and forming action committees and the ACE Team will assist committees in selecting strategies and identifying resources for implementation.

The City held its first strategic plan meeting on February 16th and one of the action committees held a meeting on March 23rd.  The action committee suggested and prioritized a list of suggested activities and amenities to be added to Robert Fowler Park, as well as prioritized suggestions for promoting/marketing the park. 

A copy of the committee report can be seen by clicking the link below:

A second requirement of Phase II of the ACE program is active adult and youth leadership programs.  Currently Geneva County has an active youth program in the Warren Beck Youth Leadership Program.  An adult program, Leadership Geneva County is being developed and applications will be available the end of May for the inaugural class.

These leadership programs are unique programs as they focus on the interrelationships of local community components and leadership roles in within the community in an effort to prepare participants to become active leaders in their communities.

Another aspect of Phase II is the designation or creation of a nonprofit development organization representing public and private interests that can seek funding community development initiatives. 

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