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 New License

Any Business wishing to sell alcoholic beverages in the City limits of Geneva must FIRST obtain a license for the sale of Alcohol from the City of Geneva.


In order for the City to issue a license for the sale of alcohol the business must obtain a state license and meet certain city ordinance requirements.


The following is a summary of the process for obtaining a city license.


1.  Begin by contacting the Geneva City Clerk to determine if you meet zoning requirements and to discuss ordinance requirements 334/648-2485.

2.  Once it has been determined you can meet zoning requirements you will begin the State application process by contacting the ABC Board at              334/792-9155 for an appointment.  State applications are also available through the Geneva City Clerk.

3.  The ABC Board will not issue you a state license until the City verifies that you are eligible to receive a city license.  The ABC office will give you a        copy of an application to submit to the city.  This application will serve as your application for a city license.  Submit this application to the City              Clerk.

4.  The City Clerk will place your application on an agenda for a City Council Meeting for consideration of a license.

5.  If your application is considered at this meeting for approval, it will be placed on the next agenda for final approval.

6.  If your application is approved then the City Clerk will issue you a letter to submit to the ABC Board for a state license.  You are responsible for            obtaining this letter and for submitting it to the ABC office.

7.  Once your application is approved at the state level and a state license is issued you must then obtain your city license.  PLEASE NOTE: Issuance      of a State License does NOT make it legal to sale alcohol in Geneva - You MUST have a city license.

8.  To obtain your city license bring a copy of your state license to the City Clerk, pay your city license fee, provide copies of insurance or bonds as           may be required.




Renewal Process

City Alcohol license are due by October 1st of each year and expire at midnight on September 30th of each year.


To renew your license you must sumit payment along with a copy of your current state issued license to the Geneva City Clerk prior to October 1st of each year.

Alcohol Tax

In addition to all other taxes imposed by law, the City of Geneva has levied an additional privilege or license tax of ten (10) percent of the gross purchases on the retail sale of whiskey and liquor.


Taxes are due and payble in monthly installments on or before the the fifteenth (15th) day of the month next succeeding the month in which sales are made.


Taxes are payble through the City Clerk's office.



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