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21 April 2020

To:   Citizens of Geneva, Alabama


From:  Mayor Frankie Lindsey


Subject:  Coronavirus


I want to take this opportunity to convey to you some facts concerning the Covid-19 situation within our community and some personal thoughts of mine, as your Mayor.


Please know that the coronavirus cannot keep us stuck in our homes forever.  Someday our kids will go back to school, we will return to work, and our families and friends will gather once again for birthdays, holidays, weddings and funerals.  We will see the movies in the theaters and scream like crazy in packed stadiums.  The real question is “How will we ever trust the coronavirus, our unseen enemy not to infect us at every opportunity”?


There are so many unknowns about the virus.  This mess has only been around us for four months, circulating in the human population. I personally believe the stay-at-home order will be lifted before a vaccine is found—an endeavor that could take another year at least.


Some thoughts of a safe transition; (1) There must be a drastic reduction in the number of new infections confirmed each day before they begin to “really” relax current restrictions, testing capacity must increase dramatically. (2) A safe return to normal life is going to be incremental and then you will see (slowly) our schools, shops, and restaurants begin to re-open. And with this being said, we will be living in a new reality for several months- not quite lockdown conditions, yet not quite normalcy. (3) Our health officials believe that masks will be worn for a long time. The primary benefit, as you know, is not to protect the wearer from getting sick, but to keep asymptomatic people from accidentally passing on the disease.


Please remember, if we resume normal life too soon, the chances of seeing a second wave are higher.  However, our local health authorities may be able to manage them by carefully tracking everyone an infected person comes into contact with, testing those people for the virus and quarantining them if they are sick.


Ultimately, this “war” will end when a sufficient percentage of the population has immunity to the disease, either because they’ve already had it, recovered or because they get a vaccine making them immune.


In closing, I want to make a statement to you, our citizens of Geneva, Alabama.  This coronavirus has been with us for approximately four months and it has thrown global health and economic systems into chaos.  Airports around the world are empty and millions sit at home in mandatory quarantine.  International markets are crashing at a scale reminiscent of the 2008 banking crisis, and financial experts warn of worse to come.  More immediately, people are losing their jobs (income).


Yet, as the Mantra goes, “out of crisis comes opportunity”.  The opportunity is to learn a few essentials about life in the 21st century.  About the state of humanity, our relationship with one another and with the Earth.  Covid-19 has led to some unexpected, and even desirable, trends.  If we can overcome the disease, yet hold on to these trends, a stronger human society may yet emerge.  In the spirit of this crisis brings opportunity. 


Here are a few interim positive trends, (some of them lifesaving) to consider as we, as a community continue to collectively face the on-going threat of Covid-19.


Emergency Preparedness- Be prepared for the future.  In this way, you protect yourself and your community. Keep supplies handy, it’s your civic duty.


Personal Hygiene:  Knowledge about hand washing and sneezing/coughing in your elbow has been around for hundreds of years. We should have been doing this way before the Covid-19 came to us.  Use common sense, wash your hands!!!!!!!!! Use sanitizer, soon there will be plenty to go around.


Clean Air:  Be aware of the pollutants in the air; use your masks that you have and wear them without being told to. (This means after the coronavirus has left us.)


Geography Lessons:  The news agencies throughout the United States have given us a geography lesson concerning countries that we have never heard of before.  Stay in touch with the internet and the American news agencies. They are the life line of information about important issues that affect us during any crisis.


Public Health Experts:  After listening to the health experts, I have a new found respect for our health care associates. Doctors, nurses, and all other health personnel are now getting much deserved credit for their role in saving our lives.


Science and our leaders who listen to it:  For four months now, our Federal, State and Local leaders have finally decided to listen to the experts of science which has brought a greater respect for the connection between people and Nations; we will outlast this miserable Covid-19.


Please know that it is an Honor being your Mayor and if I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call on me at any time.


MARCH 27, 2020


As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to spread across our great nation and state, government officials are tasked with making decisions that protect the welfare of our citizens as well as keeping citizens informed.  The City of Geneva is trying to keep our citizens informed by keeping our city website updated with the most relevant and up-to-date information available to us.  Currently, the City has not issued any directives mandating any specific guidelines or requirements other than what has been issued nationally and by the State of Alabama.


Every state, county, and city nationwide has a different approach to combating this virus.  I have been contacted by numerous citizens and everyone has a different opinion on how we need to proceed. Currently, it is the position of the City that we continue to adopt and follow national and state directives. I want to assure you that I as your Mayor and the Geneva City Council are taking this issue very seriously, however, we feel that for now this is the best course of action.


Governor Ivey has released a new order placing more restrictions on public gatherings and that will require the closing of some nonessential commercial activity.  I want to reassure our citizens that these closings do NOT affect your ability to obtain food, medicine and emergency health care.  .  All citizens and businesses are expected and required to follow this order. 


I am asking that our citizens not panic and stay up-to-date by visiting our website as information and requirements are rapidly changing. 



Frankie Lindsey




March 16, 2020


I would like to take this opportunity to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  I want to assure our citizens that myself as your Mayor, our City Council and city employees are taking the potential risk of this virus spreading to our community seriously.  However, I would like to convey to you that there is NOT a need to panic. 


Our nation and state leaders have taken proactive steps in combating this virus.  This morning I met with key staff, the County EMA Director, the Administrator of Wiregrass Medical Center, the City School Superintendent and Board Chairman and Superintendent of Geneva Water Works and all of our agencies  are taking steps to be proactive in the event this virus becomes more wide spread.  We will continue to have regular meetings until such time as this threat is deemed a minimal risk. 


As your local government we currently have two main objectives:


1. Keep you provided with factual and current information

2. Keep essential services available to you


If there is one thing I would like to stress to our citizens, there is a lot of misleading information out there.  Please do not be a part of spreading misinformation.  Information also changes rapidly.  One of the most important things you as a citizen can do is stay informed.


The City of Geneva will provide citizens information on our official website.  We will not use social media as a source to provide you information other than an initial post to help get people visiting our website.  Rather than attempt to recap information or repeat information that is currently available on other official websites, we are going to provide you links to the original source. For updated information please refer to this page.


All essential services are operating as normal.  You will find a list of canceled, postponed or limited services provided by the City on our website under COVID-19 Information.  


Again, be assured the City of Geneva is working to be proactive.  Please stay informed and help keep those that do not have internet access informed with factual reliable information.




Frankie Lindsey



CITY OFFICES:  City Offices are open to the public current state orders are applicable.

Non cash payments for City offices can be mailed to Post Office Box 37, Geneva, AL 36340, or placed in the drop box in front of city hall. If you need to make a cash payment please call the department for which payment is due and we will meet you at the door and take your payment.


The City will continue to issue payments to vendors as normal. All payments will be by check and will be mailed to the address on file.

GENEVA WATER WORKS AND SEWER:  Office is opened to the public.  Payments can be placed in the drop box in front of city hall, made on online or mailed to P. O. Box 370, Geneva, Alabama 36340. If you need to make a cash payment please call and personnel will met you at the curb and you can make a payment.


SENIOR CITIZENS:  The center is currently closed for all activities.  Home bound meals are still being delivered and regular participants can still receive meals Monday thru Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon by going through the drive through carport.  For more information call 334/684-3626.

RECREATION DEPARTMENT:  All city recreation programs are suspended until further notice.  For more information call 334/684-9323.


EMMA KNOX KENAN LIBRARY:  The library is currently open state orders apply.  Staff will continue to work and are available by phone. Books can be returned through the outside drop off. WiFi is available if you park in the library's parking area the network is Library Guest and the password is publiclibrary. 

ROBERT FOWLER PARK:  Park is open.

GENEVA CITY COUNCIL MEETING:  Meetings are being held at the community center on N Iris street until further notice.

All other services are available as usual.


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